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值得用心去看的一些图片 Some Meaningful Pictures

There are maids that are paid to be Beautiful

There are hands that cries, why my life is so...

There are awakens that's still in silence
Schools cannot be operated under business or turn the student become political/business purposes

I am seriously hungry and healpless... Why my life have to be like this? Why God never treats me good?

There are a Hopes that called the Myth

In my life, my wok is to Survive

I am only 17 years old, I have to walk more than 1000km with 100kg at my back... Every trip I only earn RMB1.00... THAT'S MY LIFE

他 —— 是一位西藏运输兵,军功章代表着他为祖国立的汗马功劳,可他连自己的妻子难产死亡都没来的及看上一眼。下跪,在妻儿的墓前下跪…男儿一跪仍英雄!
I AM AN ARMY... All my life is for my beloved country... When my wife passed away, I can't even be at her side... I can only cry on my knees in front of her funeral....I cry... between Manhood and Hero

I need to work even under heavy rain....i need to survive

I have no choice... What can I do... It's my life?

I got no choice... What can i do... I have to survive... Why? Why? Why? My life?

Children are our future,our hope or...

To take a picture, she has to borrow a cotton bag... because her own bag is a 400gm washing powder pack

A place called XI AN, people spent over 300 thousand for a meal

Look at our children, look at the place for them to gain knowledge

Do you still remember? There are movie stars in their cooking show... The dish that they cook could sold at the price of RMB17,800.

These two kids could not afford to pay their school fees, they have to leave school and work hard for their heavy life, a 100 over Chinese Yuen is a huge amount to them

Children, our future, can only study and gain knowledge under a classroom which wind without walls, rain without roof

就是那张在网上广泛流传,引起了无数争议的照片。 我想,这张照片最大的现实意义不在于它揭示了社会巨大的贫富反差,更让人 揪心的还在于-当这两个孩子长大之后,我们又该用什么来保证他们所代表的两个阶层的和睦相处?
This photo's main purpose is not to show the difference of rich and poor in the society...the point is, when these two children grown up one day, how should we guarantee them with harmony in the society

There are super stars that use charitable projects in their show to boost up their popularity.

I'm only want to get back my hard earn money, but why?

They have high posibility to stuck on the mountain forever, but we are enjoying their tax harvest

The below is an old man who's a potato seller, which is struggling to live under depression in the society

Will you eat what's in their hands?

That's how our mother getting older

How much Love can the hard work slaves have?


看完之后,可能很多人和我一样会愤怒,会感动,会有一种说不出的感觉 ,可是想想我们能为这做些什么呢? 感觉很多,有感觉能作到的很少...
After read this, there are people will get angry, touched, unespressed fellings, but what can we do for them? Many kinds of feelings, less that we could do...

[ 外一篇]

祝世界上所有的妈妈长命百岁 wish all the Mothers in the world live a long life

For our Mothers

have you ever thought of

if tomorrow we are going to leave this world

the company that we serve will get another person to replace us in a few days time

but our family will always have the pain of their lost

think carefully, we always puts our work into first before our family

this is not a wise investment, don't you think so

this gave us a deeper moral story


We all stay together at Alilahomes more than a year some may be just few month.

We all come from different place,but now we stay together...our "ALILA HOMES"

for the success of ALILAHOMES, the most essential factor is communication. Human being, by nature, have different personalities and attitudes and while working in a team [alilahomes]. These opinions could clash and create conflict within the team. Thus, it would be beneficial if the residents know each other well.

Every individual should understand that they are professionals and to achieve success for ALILAHOMES, they need to bury their personal hatchets.

Residents should realize that their contribution is necessary of the progress of the project and that the success achieved would be the result of a collective and not an individual one.

Looking forward to working with all of you here. And with everyone's contribution-LOVE, CARE & SHARE, I believed we can build a very great success ALILAHOMES.....

I look forward to building a cohesive and harmony environment. Together we make ALILAHOMES the best place to live, life is great.


Thank you,

Kheng Huat

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